12 week One-on-One Coaching Package

You’ve spent your whole life looking after other people – kids, parents, siblings, friends and you feel like it is Groundhog Day every day. In the tedium and repetitiveness of day in and day out you seem to have lost your energy and passion for your life.

Uninspired, burned out, fatigued, bored and no longer challenged.

Life should be better than this.

Tired of just earning a living and chained to certain lifestyle expectations, you just don’t know how to get off the treadmill.

Do you feel it is too late to change careers? You’ve spent your whole life making sure everyone around you is okay.

Maybe its time for you.

This 12 week coaching package will get you started on the road to living the life you were meant to have.



One on one coaching can be done face to face or via skype.  This package includes 5 coaching sessions starting with a 90 minute discovery session and four 60 minute follow up sessions over the following 12 weeks.

Explore the 9 Life Areas in detail, find the balance in your life choices again.

Don’t just write your bucket list … truly live your bucket list.


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