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    Do you work in a profession where you care for others but forget to care for yourself? Have you seen things that are difficult to forget becuase of their painful impact on human life?

    “My Faded Uniform” tells the story, of how, from the challenges and adversity of PTSD, you can:

    • learn to speak up without shame
    • share your story to help other
    • choose a new direction, and
    • create an exciting future for yourself!

    Through this book, Steph tells the story of how she overcame the darkness and stigma of PTSD, found her mojo for life again, and challenged herself to share her story for the benefit of others.

    Because by knowing that you are not alone, the journey with PTSD and the possibility of living life with happiness again can become more real.

    “Life has an infinite number of moments and any of these can change your life in an instant.”

    – Stephanie Altus –